Topical Paper Fall 2010 Exam 2 - Inter I-1

Topical Paper Fall 2010 Exam 2 - Inter I-1 - Due Date...

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Rutgers Business School 33:010:325:sections 01/02/03: Intermediate Accounting I Essay Assignment for Exam 2 This assignment must be typed to receive credit. Maximum Length: no more than 2 typed pages (plus a separate page for Notes and/or Works Cited) using an 11 Point font. Please use 1 inch margins only and 1.5 space your paper. You must reference any ideas taken from the article, and footnotes and a bibliography in standard form are required. ANY PAPERS NOT MEETING THE ABOVE SPECIFICATIONS WILL BE RETURNED AND NOT GRADED. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Grading: Total 10 points added your exam grade. You must take the related exam to be eligible to submit this assignment Your grade is an average of two scores: Research Content : 10 points Writing/Presentation: 10 points Use the 2009 MLA Guide research paper format – guidelines may be found at Papers should be spaced 1.5 (not double-spaced) using 11 pt font.
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Unformatted text preview: Due Date: Papers are to be submitted to the professor via Blackboard on or before Tuesday November 9 at 11:59 pm. INSTRUCTIONS: A. Read the article “Is Goodwill an Asset” in the June 2010 edition of The CPA Journal. ( B. Address completely the following two requirements: 1. Should the current standards be modified?. (This part should comprise about 60% of your answer). Any material used from the article must be properly footnoted . 2. How would a change in standards have impacted Google? Positively or negatively (This part should comprise about 40% of your answer). Any material used from external sources must be properly footnoted . 3. Your analysis should be saved in a WORD file using the naming convention: “last name-first name-325-EC2-sectionX”. For example my file would be named “Stubbs-Dan-325-EC1-prof”. 1...
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