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Topical Paper Fall 2010 Exam 3 - Inter I

Topical Paper Fall 2010 Exam 3 - Inter I - may be found at...

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Rutgers Business School 33:010:325:sections 01/02/03: Intermediate Accounting I Essay Assignment for Exam 3 This assignment must be typed to receive credit. Maximum Length: no more than 2 typed pages (plus a separate page for Notes and/or Works Cited) using an 11 Point font. Please use 1 inch margins only and 1.5 space your paper. You must reference any ideas taken from the article, and footnotes and a bibliography in standard form are required. ANY PAPERS NOT MEETING THE ABOVE SPECIFICATIONS WILL BE RETURNED AND NOT GRADED. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Grading: A total of 10 points is the maximum grade for this paper. You must take the related exam to be eligible to submit this assignment. Your actual score for this paper will be adjusted to the maximum total per the syllabus for each topical paper (5%). Your grade is an average of two scores: Research Content : 10 points Writing/Presentation: 10 points Use the 2009 MLA Guide research paper format – guidelines
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Unformatted text preview: may be found at http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/01/ Papers should be spaced 1.5 (not double-spaced) using 11 pt font. Due Date: Papers are to be submitted to the professor via Blackboard on or before Monday November 29 at 11:59 pm. INSTRUCTIONS: A. Read the article, Testing the Financial Literacy and Expertise of Audit Committee Members in the New York State Society of CPAs’ CPA Journal August 2009 pages 66 – 71. B. Complete the following two requirements: 1. Summarize the article noted in Part A. (This part should comprise about 60% of your answer). Any material used from the article and/or other sources must be referenced. 2. Are the various tests/quizzes self-serving? (This part should comprise about 40% of your answer). 3. Your analysis should be saved in a WORD file using the naming convention: “last name-325-EC31-section#”. For example my file would be named “Stubbs-Dan-325-EC1-prof”. 1 2...
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Topical Paper Fall 2010 Exam 3 - Inter I - may be found at...

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