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Symbols+Used+in+Macro - EXPORTS Ms=money stock=money supply...

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Symbols Used in Macro (so far) 9/21 y=Y=GDP = measured type of expenditure or by type of income P=overall level of prices (GDP price deflator or possibly CPI) C=consumption S=saving T=income tax -> Y-T=disposable income I=investment G=government expenditures NX=X-M=net exports (X=exports, M=imports) (NOTE – TEXTBOOK USES X FOR NET
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Unformatted text preview: EXPORTS) Ms=money stock=money supply r (and sometimes i) = interest rate (nominal) mpc = marginal propensity to consume =change in C/ change in Y mps=marginal propensity to save = change in S/ change in Y=(1-mpc) SR short run LR long run Agg D aggregate demand Agg S aggregate supply...
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