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Some advice for Computer Project 2 Remember to go over the three items we covered in class several classes ago that I suggested you review carefully before you continued the projects. Remember, to do the analysis and find the best model without Day, check the four assumptions, and get any predictions and confid. intervals requested and then of course summarize these results in the Exec. Summary-so far just like what you did before. If you have found a relationship between Profit and Day, then continue in the analysis section, after mentioning this reason for why you are doing a second analysis and find the best model with A,B,Day and then check the four assumptions, predictions and confidence intervals and summarize these results in another paragraph at the end of the Exec. Summary. You may also add a short paragraph in the Exec. Summary discussing these two results. Also understand the three things we went over in class that I mentioned. Often students lose alot of points because they don't check the 4 assumptions for each of these final models and get separately the pred. and
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