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Subject: SMB-FAQ from emails of 8.30.09 Q: What will really happen to all those that don’t respond to your email that they have receive the assignment and come to the first class unprepared. Ans. Come to the first class hopefully as someone who has responded and prepared, and prepare to watch a spectacle. Q: Timings on videos? Ans. When the videos are playing, they have a running timer going. As you take notes, about every 5 minutes, I want you to write down the timing. Suppose you were confused about something in the notes and wanted to go back at a later time-would it not be useful to be able to move the tab to that timing marking, release the tab and in 5 seconds, the streamed video will start playing at that point? Q: Templates? Ans. You are supposed to look at the video on Review I-V, understanding my process and solution of these problems (asking specific questions by email before the first class if after reviewing the material again you are not able to determine something in the video answers).
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