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Stat. Methods in Business: Sample Questions on Course Requirements: p.1 1. Are there any dates for this class for which the starting time has been altered, and if so, please detail. 2. What is the deadline for contacting the instructor about exam conflicts? 3. In the rare case when a makeup exam might be required, what needs to be done before the originally schedule exam time. 4. What should you do if your University email account is not being checked every 24 hours by you? 5. Where is the instructor’s office mailbox? 6. What email address should one use to send the instructor an email with attachments? 7. What times should you not call the instructor’s 24/7 home office phone number? 8. If you return a phone call from the instructor, what problem should you avoid? 9. Is there a required text for this course? 10. What should you know before you do homework problems? 11. What is required if you work with others when doing homework problems?
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