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Computer Project Format 11.5.2010 Page 1-name, seat number, upper right corner (no cover for the report) Executive Summary (written after the Analysis) Problem description Table of Descriptive Stats (mean, sd, min, max, shape of distribution) Order of variables-dependent first; followed by independent with order variables last. Units in the variable column, not in the other columns For each final model (sometimes we have a best model considering all independent variables excluding the order variable, and sometimes we have an additional best model considering all independent variables including the order variable-see FAQ on p. 9), the LS reg. equation with 3,4 or 5 (but equal) signif. digits in the coef.; s.d. .of y scores about the model (include units!), R^2, any predictions and CI specifically requested with correct units. Analysis (written before the Executive Summary) (Give page number references to the results in the computer output thoughout) Problem description Data description For each variable (dependent, independent, order variables, in that order), we give in narrative form the info about mean, s.d, min, max and shape of distribution (clearly giving the units) Correlation results-start by indicating that we calculated the correlations of all pairs of variables
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