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SMB-Assignments for week before Exam I Already Assigned before 2/15: Regression problems: 3.1-3.34 including Excel output needed to do these problems View Regression video lecture 1: Residual Analysis: 1:08-end and print off and review the Course Document with A1 and A2 in the title Already Assigned for 2/15: View Salary example video after reading Principles 1-5 and FAQ on page 9 and reviewing Tier 4 entries on the back of the Blue sheet. (note pages 39-41 Excel output). Any outstanding Excel assignments for which you have not received a check or check minus. Note that I pdf’ed to those any graded copies of the Auction Excel Additional work for 2/15: Print off a copy of page 1, Course Requirements: highlight parts that you or you guess others have ignored to date. Put a check in the margin by those items that you have not complied with at sometime to date. Put your name on the top of this sheet. View the Review V video: part Ve (Ref.
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