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SMB: Material covered before Exam I/ BONUS OFFER BELOW if done before Class 1 QUESTION : I want to do really well in this course. I know that I will be very busy once school starts, so if I can get some work done ahead of time that will allow me some extra time in the future. (Which I can use to keep ahead in this course, work on my other classes, or, heaven forbid, spend a few minutes with my friends who I haven’t seen for a while!). Also, I am hoping by doing this preparation that I will be seeing much of this material for a second time in class, and will walk out of the class with any confusion that I had answered. Can you give me at least the viewing and other important items to do now, so that I will have at least covered the material covered on the first exam (noting that there may be other items covered before the first exam that are not on the first exam).? ANSWER : Read page 1 very, very carefully. I would highlight significant areas to remember (as in if I quizzed you on the content). I would also note those areas which you likely will ignore. View and take notes on the videos (writing at least what is presented on the board) with timings (so you can later go back easily to review a section): ___* Review I-IV ___* Review V Read thru the titles of all documents on Course Documents. I would not advise printing out all the Course Documents-it is better to reread each week the titles and print out as needed. ___* Rewrite Review II-IV on the templates ___* Rewrite Review V on the templates ___* Complete the Excel 3.14 assignment (see the cover sheet on Course Documents) (Note the specific Excel instructions are for version 2003-2007 may be a little different in certain areas). When you completed this assignment and did all items requested on the back and the front and back of the cover sheet exactly as I asked,
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This document was uploaded on 11/01/2011 for the course MANAGEMENT 385 at Rutgers.

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SMB.BeforeFirstClass.MaxToDo - SMB Material covered before...

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