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Cover Sheet for “3.14-monthly sales” Computer Homework (1/13/07) Name____________________ Do the following EXCEL exercise including the two “Student Exercises” on the second page (you should separately replicate the overlay plot): The following seven data points consist of (Time on the job (in months), Monthly sales in $1,000): (2,2.4),(4,7),(8,11.3),(12,15),(1,0.8),(5,3.7),(9,12). Using EXCEL, get descriptive statistics for both variables, get a scatterplot of the data, get a histogram of each variable, and run a least squares regression analysis for predicting monthly sales (y) from months on the job(x). Select Data Analysis and then use descriptive statistics, histogram, and regression . If you don’t find Data Analysis under Tools , select ADD-INS and then the Analysis ToolPac. Cover sheet enclosed with more tips and required things to do. Make sure all graphs and histograms are correctly labeled. Use this cover sheet as the first page and check that all required items are included. Please don’t even think about checking an item on the check list if it has not been done correctly. Table of Contents: Check list check that item was done correctly and only then check off (____) Read p. 9 and both sides of this cover sheet _____ p. 1 -Print data (Data checked that it was accurately input ____) p. 1 -Descriptive Statistics (Variable names and separately units included _____) p.1 -Histograms (Two-1 for each var.-no freq. table, “bin” replaced with var. name, units listed ____) p.1 -Scatterplot (y-variable on y axis if included, variable name and separately units included____) Wrote coordinate by hand of one checked point plotted correctly nearby each plot and circled checked point on plot____. (Handdrawn “y-bar” line and model thru estimate of “E(y|x)” in each plot (y=variable on y axis)_____, including all residual plots below_____) p.2 -Regression (x variable (not y variable) is listed under Intercept ____) p.2 -Histogram of Residuals (no freq. table, “bin” replaced with variable name and units listed ____)
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SMB.cover. - Cover Sheet for 3.14-monthly sales...

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