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Name (print)______________________________________________________ Seat # _____ Cover Sheet for Auction Problem Computer Homework (1.29.08) (Make this the first page of this assignment) Table of Contents: Check list check that item was done correctly and only then check off (____) Note: The units of predicted and residual are the same as the units of the y-variable Printout of the data (Date checked that it was accurately input ____) p. 1 Descriptive Statistics (Variable names and separately units included _____) p. 1 Histograms (Four-1 for each var.-no freq. table, “bin” replaced with var. name, units listed ____) p. 2 Scatterplots (y-variable on y axis if included, variable name and separately units included____) p. 2 (6 plots included_____) Coordinate of 1 point noted on each plot and circled in data____ (Handdrawn “y-bar” line and model thru estimate of E(y|x) in each plot (y=variable on y axis)_____, including all residual plots below_____) Correlation matrix (4 var., variable names and separately units included _____)
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