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SMB.CoverSheetforBonusOffer - Name Date Section(circle 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Name_______________________ Date___________ Section (circle 1) MTh1 TF1 TF2 Cover Sheet for BONUS OFFER BONUS OFFER : There are 12 items below that have a *. For each one completed by the start of the first class in the Fall 2010 semester, you will receive 5 points added to the total number of points you have in this course and 5 points added to the total number of possible points that you can get in the course. (Note the total number of points without this offer is around 970 points.). Conditions apply : You must attach this cover page checking the items that you have completed (and they must be then attached in the listed order with each item clearly labeled). The notes on viewed videos must be based on your personal complete viewing and taking notes of the videos. They must include everything written on the board and include timings at least every 5 minutes. You must sign and date the statement on the cover sheet concerning compliance with these conditions for notes with timings turned in. For the 5 other starred items, you must sign and date the statement that you have complied with the instructions for homework on page 1...
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  • Fall '10
  • Szatrowski
  • National market system plan, Consolidated Tape Association, Options Price Reporting Authority, personal complete viewing, following sole exceptions

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