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Exam II minimum focus areas : Expect two multiple regression problems and 3-4 1 and 2 population problems (use this for timing-plan on 80 minutes and I will try to get you closer to 90). Absolute minimum preparation includes knowing how to solve page 52, DF 1 (Review Va), DF 2 (review set 1, #7), DF 3 (Review Ve), DF 4 (12.3), DF 5 (13.6), DF 6 (made up problem in class notes), 2 Wilcoxon (page 49 bottom tier problems A and B noting solution on page 70 of notes. Review two population dependent and independent (page 45 was given for HW: I,d,I,d,I,d were solutions but if you indicated dependent, make sure you explain). Answer Q1-Q3 for all one and 2-pop. Problems. If 2-population dependent, define D and then act as if the only data given were the Di scores and again answer Q1-
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Unformatted text preview: Q3 for the D scores and then start the 6 steps of hypothesis testing on this one population problem. Make sure that you can do what I said to do on bottom left of page 1, before you do additional problems in these areas. Use templates if at all possible except on Wiolcoxon tests. Videos covering this material: 2 videos with Wilcoxon in the title Regression video lecture 3 (last hour) plus regression video lecture 4. Other HW assigned in these areas: p. 45, p.46-51: 12.3,12.21,12.12,12.12-use only first row of data, 13.7, 13.28, 13.36 (use alpha=0.10 for part a), 13.63,13.69; page 16:4.3-4.19 (not 4.6)...
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