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Subject: SMB assignment- please try to complete this before the first class Please immediately go to blackboard and try to launch the first videolink (Review I-IV) to test if you are able to view the streamed videos. You may need to save some of the links because Blackboard will probably not be available August 23-25, 2010 Please see Assignment Due at the Start of Class 1 and 2 in Course Documents for your section of Statistical Methods in Business on Blackboard: Please also print out and complete the course information sheet and bring the completed form to the first class. In addition, rewrite the answers to Review II, III, IV using the TEMPLATE for areas and scores on distributions in Course Documents, and Review V using all three templates as needed. If there seems to be any ambiguity as to what is due, assume an earlier date. Do not substitute recopying the solutions to Review I-V from pages 4-7 as a substitute for viewing the Review I-V videos before class 1 without my written permission before class 1.
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