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Statistical Methods in Business 33:623:385:01-MTh1 Fall, 2010 Ted H. Szatrowski Required Information Sheet (Please Print)---For Cell Phone-List Provider Name:____________________________ Phone: (Day):_________________ Cell provider: ____________ Address:____________________________ Phone: (Eve):_____________ _____________________(Zip)__________ E-mail:________________________ (Capital letters, Number “zero” with a line thru it) Date: Number of degree credits earned_____ Class___ Circle one: FT PT Schedule (if time not correct, write that in also) (Indicate class and location) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Period 1 SMB SMB 8:40-10am_________________ _____________________ __________________________ __ 2 10:20am-11:40am_____________________________________________________________________ 3 noon-1:20pm_____________________________________________________________________ 4 1:40-3pm_______________________________________________________________________ 5 3:20pm-4:40pm______________
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