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smb.p.96.final.exam.notes - Final Exam in same room as...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam in same room as regular class-it is comprehensive. The following topics and illustrative problems is a subset of topics that have not been on previous exams.. McNemar 15.56—15.59 Chi-sq. test for indep.—class .problem+6.7,6.8 Wilcoxon rank sum-p. 49 (B) [p.70]+13.30d+13.7mod. on p. 14 DF3: Ve+l 1.86,1 1.87 Model building-computer proj .+p. 8 l — 83+p.14 MR 1-3 (last review video) Residuals=class notes+p.8S—bottom V: Find or given models+set up hypo+do hypo. Test Ignore 6.15s. ...
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