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SMB.p.value.procedures - Step 2a(Again Draw the...

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Finding p-value procedures (see definition in first paragraph on front of blue sheet). Note also that without mentioning it, we calculated a p-value in Review Vc. There is also some material in Regression Video Lecture 4: 0:23-052. Here are the steps I suggested in class recently for finding the p-value. Remember to read the definition of a p-value everytime you work on finding a p-value. Note that you do NOT need to know what the α -value is for a given problem to find a p-value. You do have to know the results of Steps 1-3 in Hypothesis Testing and the calculated value of the test statistic in the beginning of Step 6 of H.T. Step 1a Draw the distribution of the test statistic under Ho Step 1b Shade and label α on 1a for the hypothesis test under consideration
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Unformatted text preview: Step 2a (Again), Draw the distribution of the test statistic under Ho Step 2b Locate and label the value of the observed statistic on 2a Step 2c Shade a tail area relative to the value in 2b Step 2d Label the shaded area in 2c in terms of p (most often, it will be labeled p, p/2 or 1-p). Step 3 Using the Step 2 picture, find p. Complete the above steps to solve: Example 1: Find the p value if a Global F obs = 3.5 given F obs ~F 5,8 under Ho Example 2: Find the p value if t obs =-2 given t obs ~t 14 under Ho for a rejection region for t obs that is a) very negative; b) very negative or very positive; and c) very positive. (there are 3 separate problems, 2a, 2b and 2c that need solutions)....
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