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Summary of Review I-V Steps for solving problems with distributions: (ref. Review I-IV) 1. Draw the distribution labeling all the problem information on the curve. 2. From 1, give range for possible values of the answer 3. Draw the table picture for the distribution in 1 (if you don’t have a table picture for 1, convert problem to a problem with a table picture. Example: For a N(5,100), draw a N(0,1) and convert the former to the latter using the common percentile transformation in the information between II and III) 4. Put 1 in terms of 3 and get final answer 5. Compare 4 to 2. Information provided for Review I-IV - a) area under distribution and relation to probability b) transforming percentiles from general Normal distribution to N(0,1) Information provided for Review V a) Six steps of hypothesis testing b) 4 distribution facts (use applicable distribution fact in Step 2) Specific question format : Indicate page in notes and/or video timing reference for area of confusion, explain what you understand in the solution and then specifically what you
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