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Unformatted text preview: Problem No._________Name:_______________ Dist.: Areas/Scores & Table Reading Template (9.09) 1a. Draw (and label) above the number line below, the distribution under consideration. Putting numbers below the line, and areas above shaded regions (either know or use unknown symbols) [only use z on a N(0,1)], represent ALL the problem information in this picture.) 1b. If you do NOT have a Table for the distribution in 1a, convert the distribution picture in 1a to one in 1b for which you have a Table. [Example: 1a N( , 2 ) => 1b N(0,1) using z=(x- )/ ] 1a | 1b | | | | | | __________________|_______________________ 2a. Symbol for unknown in 1a: _____, is an area or score? 2b.Bound on unknown:__________< ______< __________ 3. Draw TP in 3 below. 4. Put 1b (1a if no 1b) in terms of the TP. Look up table values representing them as TP and get your answer in terms of the unknown. 3 Table Picture (TP): | 4 | | | | | | __________________|_______________________ 4 (cont.) __________________________________________ 4 (cont.) 4. (cont) Final answer in terms of unknown in 2a: __________________________________________ 5. Check if final answer is consistent with bound in 2b. _____ 5....
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TEMPLATE.Areas.Scores.Dist.9.20.09 - Problem...

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