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Descriptive Essay - Julie Hong Professor Jarrar English 101...

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Julie Hong Professor Jarrar English 101 6 September 2011 The Unforgettable Trip to the Bahamas The name of the country Bahamas comes from the Spanish word “bajamar” meaning ‘shallow water’. The beautiful island with clear blue skies, perfect hot summery weather that is not humid, clear bluish-green water, and warm fine grained sand that warms the feet as one steps into it. Ever been on a cruise? A cruise ship consists of nonstop fun and all-you-can-eat buffets. Well guess what? We are going on an unforgettable cruise trip to the Bahamas during Spring break 2012 for a class reunion! We will experience the unlimited food buffet, fun events on the ship, and the luxurious beach. Cruise vacations are known for their continuous all-you can eat buffet that meets every taste bud one can desire. At 12 o’clock sharp, access is granted to aboard the cruise ship. Immediately entering the dining hall the aroma of all the food exhilarates the nose, the whiff of different flavors enters the nostrils and encourages the cruise-goers to drop everything and feast directly on the buffet counters. Heart beats fast, as the eyes slowly but eagerly peruse the buffet counters. The encounter with the all-you-can eat buffet has granted all access. Warmth from the ovens and freshly cooked foods sweep across the skin, tiny receptor cells are on focal point and the brain announces hunger throughout the body. Dig in! Walking through the buffet with all the food, its self-explanatory that one plate will not be enough! There’s food from many cultures here, from Italian cuisine to Chinese, Ethiopian, American, and any other cuisine one desires. The succulent flavors of
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each food item has its own specialty from salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and every other flavors one’s umami craves therefore it is enjoyable for all vacationers. It is really hard to find a favorite dish to eat on this trip, because everything tastes so good! The all-you-can
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Descriptive Essay - Julie Hong Professor Jarrar English 101...

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