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Interview Narrative - Julie Hong September 25, 2011 English...

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Julie Hong September 25, 2011 English 101 Professor Jarrar The Interview Ever feel like one prepares the best they can, but when the real deal happens it was nothing like what they prepared for? Let me tell the story about my very first job interview and the lesson I learned from it. The preparation and start of my interview was smooth sailing, but my mood shifted from calm to tension during the interview due to the intimidating looks and questions I could not answer, and towards the end of the interview I felt completely melancholy. A lesson in life is to realize the fact that no matter how much one prepares for an intense event, there is no guarantee that it will turn out the way one anticipated. The way life works is too unforeseen. At 16 years old, this was the first job I ever applied to. I applied to a division under the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, called TechMod. TechMod is a division that goes around to offices and schools in Montgomery County, and updates the computers there. After sending in my resume, two weeks later I got an email back setting up an interview. I was so excited and happy to get an interview; I was one step closer in getting the job. I looked up interview questions online and tried to get an idea of what they would ask me during the interview. A week before my interview, a local accounting firm came to my school to instruct the students on what an interview would be like. The
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accounting firm does this every year with the Academy of Finance students at my school by performing mock interviews with each one of the students. The mock interview gave me a lot of great preparation for the real deal, or so I thought it did. The interview date was scheduled on a school day. On the day of my interview, I woke up and followed my daily routine and journeyed to school just like any typical school day. Throughout the day, all I could think about was my interview; I was not nervous at all but quite excited and happy since this was an opportunity I anticipated for a while. After school, I came home and went through my interview questions obtained from the mock interview and some that I looked
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Interview Narrative - Julie Hong September 25, 2011 English...

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