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Unformatted text preview: Linear Algebra, Math 250, Fall 2011 Instructor. S. Chanillo Office Address. Hill Center 714. Phone and e-mail address. 445-2390(x3486) [email protected] Office hours will be announced in class. Text. Elementary Linear Algebra, A Matrix approach, by Spence, Insel and Friedberg.Second Edition. Grading Policy 1. There will be 2 MID-TERM exams worth 100 Points each. There will be a COMPREHENSIVE FINAL Exam worth 200 points. 2. Homework and quizzes will be worth 100 points. The quizzes will be announced. Quizzes count 40 points. 3. The grade for the course will be based on 500 points whose break-up has been explained above. 1 ...
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