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Comm Diss 311-page42 - h white_noise_then_pink.wav Cool...

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Unformatted text preview: h:- white_noise_then_pink.wav - Cool Edit 2000 File Edit Vwew Transform Generate Analyze Favorites Options Window Help Werewewe w! reereerfier- weeweweewe hnalysis - whiteinoiseithen,pink.wav lll'l'lll'll l lll'll lllllw ll lwlI ll lwll l l lllllllll .Ilwlll . '11'0' " '"sén"'1?'en"'35'20"'?n'40' Cursor 22.75 HZI 723.04 043 '— Lineaw View Scan Frequency 14.193 HZ (MM ,45) Flange 120 dB Close I FFT Size:|2043 vl lBlaC mann-Hanig vl Reference 0 _ I FFFW ”FF” HE? -ii4 -iii - ...
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