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2 2. Time and frequency 2.1. Convert the values of period given below to frequency in Hz. a. .001 s b. 40 ms c. 20 us d. 1 ms e. .00002 s f. 100 us g. 25 ms h. 250 ms . 0.5 ms 2.2. Convert the values of frequency to the corresponding period in seconds and in ms. a. 100 Hz b. 1 kHz c. 500 Hz d. 250 Hz e. 5 kHz f. 5000 Hz g. 10,000 Hz h. 330 Hz i. 225 Hz 2.3.
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Unformatted text preview: Draw at least two cycles of a sinewave for each set of characteristics listed below. Amplitude Frequency Starting Phase a. 2 Volts peak-to-peak 500 Hz 0 degrees b. 2 Volts peak 2000 Hz 0 degrees c. 5.656 Volts RMS 125 Hz +90 degrees d. 10 Volts peak 10,000 Hz-90 degrees e. 1.414 Volts RMS 40 Hz pi radians...
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