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Anatomical terms for exam 2. Afferent fibers Auditory nerve Axis of bilateral symmetry Axon Basal body Basilar membrane Bony labyrinth Cell body Deiter’s cells Dendrite Endolymph Ear drum Eustachian tube Habenula perforata Helicotrema Incus Inner hair cells Kinocilium Malleus Modiolus Myelin Neuron Neurotransmitter Nodes of Ranvier
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Unformatted text preview: Olivocochlear bundle Organ of Corti Osseous labyrinth (same as bony labyrinth) Osseous spiral lamina Outer hair cells Perilymph Phalangeal processes Pillar cells Reissner’s membrane Reticular lamina Scala media Scala tympani Scala vestibuli Spiral ganglian Spiral ligament Stapedius muscle Stapes Stereocilia Stria vascularis Synapse...
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