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1 INTRODUCTION TO HEARING SCIENCE Communication Disorders 311 Syllabus, Fall, 2011 Instructor: Richard Freyman Office: 358 N. Pleasant St. Phone: 545-0298 E-Mail: Schedule of Topics 9-06 Course overview; Intro to the study of audition Chapter 1 9-8 The nature of sound waves; Simple harmonic motion Chapter 2, App. A 9-13 Sine waves and complex waves Chapter 4, App. C 9-15 Logs and Antilogs; pressure, intensity, and decibels Chapter 3, App. B 9-20 Decibels, continued 9-22 Decibels, continued 9-27 Resonance and filtering; Linear systems
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 9-29 No class 10-4 Linear systems, continued 10-06 Exam 1 10-11 Monday schedule 10-13 Anatomy and physiology of outer and middle ear Chapter 6 10-18 Middle ear, continued 10-20 Anatomy of the cochlea Chapter 7 10-25 Physiology of the cochlea, mechanical response 10-27 Physiology of the cochlea, electrical response Chapter 8 11-01 Peripheral auditory nervous system Chapter 9, App. E 11-03 Peripheral auditory nervous system, continued 11-08 Central auditory nervous system Chapter 15...
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