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Duc Ho Section 5 Q# 1 2 Store Sel ing-wel Product Recommendations Nashua Salem Woburn 3 Nashua 26.46% New Hampshire 48.97% 4 59.82% 5 36.80% 6 Hewlett-Packard 32305 21972 20675 12234 20168 20035 Total 127389 7 10 2 Notebooks 8 Premium Noteboo $17,671 Premium Desktop $16,370 Notebook $11,968 9 Trend Nashua Slightly Increase Salem Decrease Woburn Significantly Increase 10 For Nashua, the total sales slightly increase overmoth because of the increasing in Notebook and Premium Netbook sale For Salem, the total sales decrease because of the signfificant decrease in the sales of Notebook and Premium Notebook For Woburn, the total sales increase because of the increase in the sales of notebook and premium notebook 11 Weekly trainning approach seems to be the best method 12 What is the average customer satisfaction rating for each sales training approach? Using the Bi-annual training average as a base, what percent difference resulted from the Weekly training approach? What percent difference resulted from the Self-training approach?
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