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Chapter 5 Language underlies all communication Some languages are more similar than other Spanish and Portuguese close together …but Spanish and Dutch are not as similar because they are farther away. Reasons why words may have same meaning in two different languages? Accident – unlikely, borrowed from one language to another. Loanwords restricted by language’s lexicon. Wave of advance- a larger and technologically superior population gradually absorbs another by very slowly encroaching on and occupying their territory, replacing the former
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Unformatted text preview: languages with their own. • Elite dominance- a society with a superior technology but one with, in addition, a more sophisticated social, political, and military structure, which allows a relatively small group to dominate and impose their language on a larger one. • Wave of advance model- identifies the first indo Europeans with the Neolithic farmers who brought agriculture to Europe from Anatolia beginning about 7000 BC. • Sub families- 1 st Hellenic...
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