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Hayes Ryan Hayes Bruce D’Arcus GEO 101 10 December 2009 Final Essay Question Geography has been easy for me. If you ask me to name a country anywhere on a map, I would be able to do that. But when I came into this class, I had a completely different experience. Instead of just knowing countries, we took an in depth look at why in particular 3 rd world countries are in such terrible shape. Through Zambia, I have been able to see how they are struggling through the studies of place, development, nation/state, globalization and globalization through media, as well as migration. During the first week of class, we studied place and basically what certain areas have to offer. Before coming into the class, I did not really know what Africa, and in particular Zambia, offered, since my classmates and I had this stereotype that Zambians are just poor and have absolutely no resources. Afterwards, I realized just how wrong we were. Zambia geographically and historically used to have an extremely successful textile industry as well as copper. And through place, I learned how development killed these industries and ultimately
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Final Exam Essay Question - Hayes Ryan Hayes Bruce DArcus...

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