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McCrystal Plan - Hayes Ryan Hayes Bruce DArcus GEO 101 3...

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Hayes Ryan Hayes Bruce D’Arcus GEO 101 3 November 2009 Future of Afghanistan through the McCrystal Plan With a new administration coming into power, Obama has shifted his focus to Afghanistan, now that main objective in Iraq is completed. Although we still need to focus on Iraq, Afghanistan is becoming such a problem that we have to do something to this area before all hell breaks loose. One of the plans that are being considered is the McCrystal Plan, which is without a doubt a valid way to deal with the situation, since McCrystal is the top military general in charge. Even though it said that his plan will take a long time, we will see improvements and a better Afghanistan from this plan. Through the plan, in the future, Afghanistan’s government will finally be stable and will be able to make an impact in the troubled area. The reason the McCrystal plan will work is because stabilizing Afghanistan will make us be able to deal with other countries that have the real issues. According to an interview with Andrew Exum, an advisor to McCrystal, he says that “the counterinsurgency offers the best chance of success” (Gaviria & Smith 2009). The reason that the McCrystal Plan is going to take place in Afghanistan instead of Pakistan is because there government is extremely weak. “One
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McCrystal Plan - Hayes Ryan Hayes Bruce DArcus GEO 101 3...

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