Response to Maquilapolis

Response to Maquilapolis - Hayes Ryan Hayes Bruce DArcus...

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Hayes Ryan Hayes Bruce D’Arcus GEO 101 22 September 2009 Response to Maquilapolis Have you ever felt bad for someone’s working conditions? Well, until the movie Maquilapolis came along, it never crossed my mind about how lucky I am to be in America. There will not be a discussion however, about how lucky I am. There has to be questions answered about controversial issues in the Maquilapolis. Given that the women have spoken about the terrible conditions, they should consider that not only are they single mothers with children, but they have the best jobs in Mexico. Even though these single women complain about no breaks or the side effects they received from working, it is the best paying job in Mexico. If they are still displeased, they should find another place to find jobs (if they can afford it), because arguing to the companies about it may not be the best idea for them. The eye-witnessed account the women gave of the factories seemed great at first. According to the women, most of the people that come to work for the factory are women that come from a great distance from the town (Funari et al, 2006). They come from these great distances because the factories from this area have some of the best wages in Mexico. For example, one woman said she made 68 dollars a week, and another said she made 11 dollars a
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Response to Maquilapolis - Hayes Ryan Hayes Bruce DArcus...

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