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Readings for Spring 2010

Readings for Spring 2010 - (B LACKBOARD EMANUEL What Makes...

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Readings T HEORY RACTICE OF R ESEARCH IN A C LINICAL S ETTING REVIEW OF RESEARCH STUDIES ( READ BY JAN 20 TH ) Student Orientation Manual (B LACKBOARD ) The following excerpts from The Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine: Bacteremia Wound management p982-985 RESEARCH DESIGN ( READ BY JAN 27 TH ) PANACEK Basics of Research – Research Study Design (B LACKBOARD ) DATA GATHERING TECHNIQUES ( READ BY F EB 3 RD ) SNOW Modes of Communication of Cholera (B LACKBOARD ) STATISTICS & EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE ( READ BY FEB 10 TH ) DEL MAR Evidence based case report: Asymptomatic haematuria… in the doctor (B LACKBOARD ) NEWMAN The Power of Stories over Statistics (B LACKBOARD ) NEWMAN Hippocrates’Shadow p108-115 and Chapter 8. MID TERM EXAM ( FEB 24 TH ) REVIEW ALL WE HAVE STUDIED TOGETHER IN CLASS THE ETHICS OF RESEARCH ( READ BY MARCH 24 TH ) BERGER Nazi Science – The Dachau Hypothermia Experiments
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Unformatted text preview: (B LACKBOARD ) EMANUEL What Makes Clinical Research Ethical? (B LACKBOARD ) READING THE LITERATURE – APPENDICITIS ( READ BY APRILL 14 TH ) BRODY A Superfluous Organ can Still Cause Trouble (B LACKBOARD ) PAULSON Suspected Appendicitis (B LACKBOARD ) NEWMAN Hippocrates’Shadow Chapter 5 . POLICY MAKING & CLINICAL RULES ( READ BY APRIL 21 ST ) HELLERSTEIN The Slow Death of Mrs K. (B LACKBOARD ) S TIELL Methodologic Standards for the Development of Clinical Decision Rules in Emergency Medicine (B LACKBOARD ) NEWMAN Hippocrates’Shadow 78-83. FINAL TERM EXAM ( MAY 5 TH ) REVIEW ALL THE MATERIAL COERED IN THE SEMESTER...
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