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Yontii Wheeler George Washinton University Mauritius Program 2/14/2010 1. What are the three things that you are most excited for as a potential volunteer other than teaching? As a freshman at George Washington University, I am still unsure what path I want to take in life. However I am sure about this; I am passionate about traveling the world, exploring new countries, traditions, cultures, and religions, as well as becoming a more open-minded individual. When I first heard about the summer volunteer opportunity to Mauritius, I was enthusiastic the most by the opportunity to travel to a country I know very little about. As a student in college, you learn something new everyday, whether it pertains to history, math, or science. Even so, I believe the best way to learn about a new country and its inhabitants’ cultures and traditions, is to visit it and immerse yourself in the environment completely. Secondly, I am very excited about traveling to Mauritius because I feel that in doing so, I will become a more open minded individual. This quality I feel is one of the most beneficial qualities a person can have, it not only allows you to interact and understand all different types of people, but it is advantageous for all professions. Lastly, by traveling to Mauritius, I will be able to create memories and participate in experiences that will be with me forever. My ultimate goal in life is to choose a career that allows me to help others anywhere. I feel that the experiences I have in Mauritius will be ones I can use to help others in whatever profession I choose to pursue. 2. Name an obstacle you overcame on your own and how you feel the experience was valuable.
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George Washington University_Mauritius Program_Wheeler -...

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