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Isiah research paper

Isiah research paper - 19:49 Isiah Behagen Professor Gomez...

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19:49 Isiah Behagen Professor Gomez Understanding the Theatre Rodgers and Hammerstein: The Evolution of American Musical Theatre American Musical Theatre has been around for centuries. Drawing upon heavy European influences in its early stages, American Musical Theatre has emerged as one of the most prominent and popular types of theatre today. Although its history dates back as far as 1735 when its first official musical production was opened, the successes of this style of theatre can be attributed to its Golden Age (1940’s and 50’s) and its architects Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. This era and the two individuals who are credited with its creation/development is one of the most significant and unique eras in American theatre history. With the majority of their most popular productions taking place in the 40’s and 50’s, Rodgers and Hammerstein had the daunting task of trying to capture the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of people during World War II. What ultimately set these two apart from others like them was their unique recognition of the importance of their construction of Musical Theatre. Until this point, “musicals were mainly songs and comedy, with little plot. The songs usually had little to do with the story;” 1 but Rodgers and Hammerstein decided to change all of that. 1 http://www.sbgmusic.com/html/teacher/reference/composers/rodg-hamm.html
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Hammerstein’s scripts would usually convey his opera type background demonstrating a more dramatic, sadder tone of voice; whereas Rodgers, coming from what could only be described as “fun” odd style musicals had a lighter voice in his musical compositions. Although the two seeming like polar opposite leaving room for a lot of problems, much to the contrary their
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Isiah research paper - 19:49 Isiah Behagen Professor Gomez...

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