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Take-Home Pop Quiz Yontii Wheeler Brandi Rima Thursday March 11, 2010 Classical Conditioning is a type of associative learning where a person learns to associate two or more stimuli to expected events. A psychologist who played an instrumental role in the understanding of classical conditioning is Ivan Pavlov . He performed many experiments involving dogs and different stimuli to understand how the stimuli were linked with the anticipated events. Pavlov recognized that every time food was placed in front of dogs, that they salivated. He at first did not see any thing special about this fact, however after close examination, Pavlov noticed that they did not salivate after the taste of food but at just the sight of the food, the dish, or the person who gave the dog food habitually. To explore this idea, Pavlov introduced the dog to the natural stimulus (food or dish or person who delivers the food) in addition to a neutral stimulus and noticed that the neutral stimulus began to be associated with the natural stimulus so that after a period of time, the dog began to react
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