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Short Paper: Health Professionals-Health Educator Yontii Wheeler Wednesday March 9, 2011 Professor Mauery Health Educators: An Up and Coming Profession 1. What are the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of your chosen health professional (health educator) in the delivery of health care and/or public health services? Specifically identify the roles in prevention. Health educators play a key role in the community’s health. They have the responsibility of providing information to individuals and communities about the promotion, maintenance, and improvement of healthy lifestyles. Health educators are also responsible for obtaining and analyzing data in order to research, create, and present new preventative health care programs. They implement health education programs in addition to addressing the concerns and issues that affect the community through their commitment to informing and organizing community alliances. Education is the key to prevention in the medical field and is crucial to public health. Health educators play a major role in the education of individuals and communities in order to prevent health problems that could have been avoided if individuals with a sound knowledge base. 1 Health educators have a lot of responsibilities and play a key role in prevention, however there are some limitations to their field of work. Since health educators are required to communicate with the community and legislation in order to get education programs implemented, there could possibly be issues with getting the community to trust and be able to communicate effectively with the health educator. In addition, it is important that health educators are completely aware and familiar with all aspects of communities and individuals that could possibly hinder the advancement of the education
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process within it. This could include religious beliefs and different traditions and beliefs upheld by the individual or community. It is imperative that health educators display information to their audiences in a way that will positively affect change; this can be challenging at times depending on the audience being presented to. The government can also be a limitation for health educators since they make the ultimate decision in regards
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Short Paper-Health Educators - Short Paper: Health...

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