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October 7, 2009 Native American Language Culture Notes Yontii Wheeler Native American Language and Culture Notes October 7, 2009 WOMEN *Menstruation is celebrated because becoming a “woman” is an important marker be- cause you are now ready to assume that role of a other at any point in the future. *Women are the sustainers and life givers-first to plant corn in field Identity -Identity of a person is tied to a certain place (place-names) -Individual Identity is found in the group identity Dance: Movement (center of Native American thought) -choreography: greatest art that is a mirror of the cosmos (constellations) -dance is the real worship service and entertainment -We make distinctions between the sacred and secular while Native Americans make no distinctions between the two- everything is sacred
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Unformatted text preview: Feast Day: people go to church for for mass to celebrate catholic holiday but that isn’t the real ceremony, they l eave the church and start dancing on the plaza and that’s where the real religious ceremony begins There is humor in Native American Ceremonies:-skits put on by clowns- part of reality, some things are funny and some are serious-clowns perform roles that stories do by imitating people acting improperly and therefore informing that person that they are acting improperly Place Names become Clan Names to Individual Names Living on the land and establishing connections to the land gives you the ownership of the land=not a piece of paper, the story is more important than paper Place oriented history vs. Time oriented History...
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