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Native American Language and Culture Notes November 23, 2009 Yontii Wheeler Native American Language and Culture Notes November 23, 2009 Language Profile Part II: Language Use or Language in Action- Zeroing in on: joking storytelling politeness formulas conversational protocols the way you address kin, related to kinship vs way to address non-kin age differences and forms of address Speech Events vs Speech acts Broader categories-Speech Events Speech Act ex: Question and answer period in a speech
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Unformatted text preview: Speech Acts add up to Speech Events Consideration: purposes, goals= not unilateral ex of lecture: intends to entertain but audience may not be entertained, audience goal: gain new information but the lecture doesnt give any Setting: gathered around campfire telling tales to wile away a dark winters night on N.W. Coast isnt the same as a classroom setting and affects the way in which people interact...
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