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Native American Language Discussion Questions2

Native American Language Discussion Questions2 - • How...

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Language and Art in Navajo Universe by `1rWitherspoon Discussion Questions and Topics Yontii Wheeler Professor Donaldson October 21, 2009 Discussion Questions: What are static and active dimensions and how do they correlate to the way Navajos perceive nature, life, and language? Why are some sentences absurd in the Navajo language? What does the above infer about the Navajo culture? What is one reason Navajos put such a large emphasis on K’e` and/or kinship?
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Unformatted text preview: • How can the word ‘mother’ also be used to describe the earth, cornfield, and sheep? Topics to Discuss • Differences and similarities between Adam and Eve and First Boy (thought) and First Girl (speech) • Kinship or k’e` • Male, female, and immature, mature in relation to static and active • Navajo art’s impact on political art...
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