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Native American Notes November 9, 2009

Native American Notes November 9, 2009 - November 9 2009...

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November 9, 2009 Native American Language and Culture Notes Yontii Wheeler Native American Language and Culture Notes November 9, 2009 Ojibwe: “I’m So Fat!!” by Robert Spielmann -Spielmann didn’t mention these topics in “I’m So Fat!!” Major Impact on the life of the people of the North East : 1. Missionization and forced conversion to Christianity 2. Residential Schools (Canada) or Boarding Schools (US) popped up all over former British Colonies and in Australia for the Aborigines and India for minority groups there Forbidden to wear tribal dress and show any signs of their Indian Identity, most schools run on the military model and often run by former retired military personnel who spent a great deal of time on teaching the children how to march in formation, children forced to wear uniforms, harshly disciplined, often abused sexually. The unspoken goal was to supply a cheap labor force in the United States after the end of slavery-these would be the new slaves. Boys were trained to do Industrial work, carpentry, or farm work. Girls were trained to be domestic servants, maids, cleaning women etc. Result: Horrendous disaster for the children and for the people involved (parents and family members had children taken away and didn’t know what became of them. If chil- dren came back, they couldn’t speak the language of the parents and couldn’t interact in the families' society because they weren’t taught how to interact in that culture.) Children didn’t have parenting skills because they didn’t grow up in a family oriented society. As a result, they became terrible parents and many problems that exist in Native American societies today : alcoholism, sexual abuse, spousal abuse, child ab-
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