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CHAPTER 7 terms

Understanding Business

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CHAPTER 7 – Management, Leadership, and Employee Empowerment Management the process used to accomplish organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling people and other organizational resources; management is the carrying out of the leadership’s vision. 1. Planning anticipating trends and determining the best strategies and tactics to achieve organizational goals and objectives; s etting organizational goals, developing strategies to reach those goals, determining resources needed, setting precise standards - Planning Teams help monitor the environment, find business opportunities and watch for challenges 2. Organizing designing the structure of the organization and creating conditions and systems in which everyone and everything work together to achieve the organizations goals and objectives’ a llocating resources, assigning tasks, and establishing procedures for accomplishing goals; preparing a structure (org chart) showing lines of authority and responsibility; recruiting, selecting, training and developing employees; placing employees where they’ll be most effective. 3. Leading creating a vision for the organization and communicating, guiding, training, coaching and motivating others to do work effectively to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives; g iving assignments, explaining routines, clarifying policies, providing feedback on performance. 4. Controlling establishing clear standards to determine whether an organization is progressing toward its goals and objectives, rewarding people for doing a good job, and taking corrective action if they are not; measuring whether what actually occurs meets the organization’s goals; m easuring results against corporate objectives; monitoring performance relative to standards; rewarding outstanding performance; taking corrective action when necessary. Vision an encompassing explanation of why the organization exists and where it’s trying to go; gives the organization a sense of purpose and a set of values that unite workers in a common destiny.
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CHAPTER 7 terms - CHAPTER 7 Management Leadership and...

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