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CHAPTER 12 terms

Understanding Business

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CHAPTER 12 – Dealing with Employee-Management & Relationship Issues Union an employee organization that has the main goal of representing its members in employee-management negotiation concerning job-related issues – protection from intolerable work conditions and unfair treatment; securing some say in the organization of their jobs – as the number of members grew, workers gained more negotiating power with their managers and political power Craft Union an organization of skilled specialists in a particular craft or trade Knights of Labor the first national labor union formed in 1869 by Uriah Smith Stephens – intention was to gain significant power and eventually restructure the entire US economy AFL American Federation of Labor also formed in 1869, an organization of craft unions that championed fundamental labor issues; intentionally limited to skilled workers; functioned as a federation of many individual unions Industrial Unions labor organizations of unskilled and semiskilled workers in mass production industries such as auto and mining CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations union organization of unskilled workers; broke away from AFL in 1935 and rejoined it in 1955 – John L Lewis, president of the United Mine Workers, proposed to organize both craftspeople and unskilled workers but when the AFL rejected his proposal, he broke away to form the CIO Negotiated Labor-Management Agreement or Labor Contract a contract which sets the tone and clarifies the terms and conditions under which management and the union will function over a specific period Union Security Clause a provision in a labor-management agreement which stipulates that employees who reap benefits form a union must either officially join or at least pay dues to the union Closed-Shop Agreement a clause that specified workers had to be members of a union before being hired; outlawed by the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947) Union-Shop Agreement clause that says workers do not have to be members of a union to be hired, but must agree to join the union within a prescribed period of time (30, 60, or 90 days)
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CHAPTER 12 terms - CHAPTER 12 Dealing with...

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