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Chapter 1 Study Guide - Chapter 1 - Study Guide - Ami...

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Chapter 1 - Study Guide - Ami McCarthy - PSY101- 012 - Dr Helen Burroughs 1. State the definition of psychology - the scientific study of behavior and mental processes - how the brain works (daydream, emotion, thought, behavior) 2. Explain the role of philosophy in the field of psychology . - the writings of the great philosophers about topics like sleep, dreams, the senses and memory, along with Rene Decartes’ “individual dualism” doctrine that the mind and body were separate entities that produce sensations, emotions and other conscious experiences, were the basis for psychology in the beginning of the 17 th century. 3. Who was Wilhelm Wundt ? - founder of psychology - wrote the first textbook Principles of Physiological Psychology in 1874 - defined psychology as the study of consciousness - used experimental, scientific methods to study fundamental mental psychological processes 4. What is the nature vs. nurture issue in the field of psychology - heredity vs environment - the debate over the importance of the inborn nature of the individual or the environmental influences that nurture the individual. 5. Define: Culture - attitudes, beliefs, behaviors shared by a group of people and communicated from one generation to the next Individualistic culture - values of an individual are valued more than others’ Collectivistic culture - values or needs of the group are valued more than the individual Ethnocentrism - judging another culture based on your own as superior/standard 6. Describe the specialty areas of psychology : Biological - relationship between behavior and the body’s physical systems Cognitive - mental processes - reasoning, thinking, memory, language,
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Chapter 1 Study Guide - Chapter 1 - Study Guide - Ami...

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