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Chapter 6, Part I - Memory Definitions for Crossword Puzzle Across 1. In Serial Position , the items in the Middle are least likely to be remembered. p.231 2. Fill in the Blank Tests are an example of Cued Recall . p.230 4. Episodic and Semantic information are contained in Explicit Memory System . p.226 8. George Miller wrote the classic paper titled “The Magic number Seven, Plus or Minus Two”. p.222 9. Students Rehearse to keep information in short term memory. p.222 10. Long Term Memory has unlimited storage capacity. p.219 12. Chunking is the strategy to increase the amount of information you can hold in working memory. p.222 14. A Cue is a prompt or hint that triggers memory recall. p.229 17. George Sperling demonstrated that visual sensory memory lasts about half a second. p.220 21. The Self-Reference Effect occurs when you elaborate on information by applying it to yourself. p.223 23. There is a maximum duration of Twenty Seconds when unrehearsed information can be held in short-term memory. p.219
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