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Chapter 6 Part 2 Defnintions

Chapter 6 Part 2 Defnintions - Chapter 6 Part II Memory...

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Chapter 6, Part II - Memory Definitions for Crossword Puzzle Across 1. Interference - the theory based on the notion that one memory can compete with another (p.237) 5. Misinformation - the effect produced when misleading info alters or distorts a person’s memory (p.239) 11. Karl Lashley conducted an extensive search for the engram (memory trace) (p.243) 12. The most common cause for senile dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease (p.251) 14. Memory Consolidation is the process that can be disrupted most by head trauma (p.249) 17. LTP Long Term Potentiation is an acronym for long-lasting increase in synaptic strength (p.248) 20. Anterograde Amnesia - inability to form new memories (p.249) 22. Retroactive Amnesia - when a new memory interferes with remembering an old memory (p.237) 24. Hermann Ebbinghaus showed that forgetting causes a Curve pattern (p.234) 25. According to MRI study, the same brain areas are involved when you form and Retreive a memory (p.247) 26. Amygdala encodes the emotional qualities associated with a memory, especially
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