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Chapter 12 Study Guide

Chapter 12 Study Guide - Chapter 12 Study Guide T An...

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Chapter 12 Study Guide T - An information system supports daily, short term and long range activities of systems analysts T - A systems analyst is responsible for designing and developing an information system False - Operational feasibility measures whether an organization has the hardware, software, and people needed to support a proposed information system False - Documentation should be updated only after a project is complete False - In detailed analysis, the systems analysts develop the proposed solution with a specific hardware or software in mind T - Structured English is a style of writing that describes the steps in a process T - Object modeling combines the data with the processes that act on that data into a single unit, called a method False - The only major activity of the design phase is the development of all of the details of the new or modified information system T - Some VARs provide complete systems, known as a turnkey solution
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