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Digital Forensics in This Century

Digital Forensics in This Century - 1 Ami McCarthy CIS 101...

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Ami McCarthy CIS 101 F01 Frank Alvino January 17, 2011 Digital Forensics in This Century “The field of [digital] computer forensics began to evolve more than 30 years ago” when criminals began using technology to implement or carry out their crimes; at that time, the fields of information security and digital forensics began to merge ( www.computer-forensics-recruiter.com ). These merged fields resulted in the creation of digital forensic investigators, whose job is to recover data from digital media that will be used in a criminal prosecution. Forensic evidence can come from any type of electronic media or storage, such as: computers, cell phones, iPods, video game consoles, etc. Law enforcement and homeland security agencies use digital forensics to gather civilian and military intelligence and criminal investigation; businesses and other private sector organizations use digital forensics to combat security breaches. Many advances have been made in the past thirty years in criminal investigations; however, one of the most critical issues in forensic investigations is ensuring the integrity, acquisition, and preservation of evidence. Some examples of digital, or computer, forensic devices and software that are in use today, include: UltraDock, Encase, SOLO-3, and Talon. A leader in the field of digital forensics is the Wiebe Tech company; their product, Forensic UltraDock, is the industry's premium field imager. A field imager is a mobile [field] device that can extract data or information from a computer’s memory. Wiebe Tech was founded in 2000, and they offer computer forensic devices that are 1
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essential to criminal investigators. The UltraDock is a special device, designed to enable
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Digital Forensics in This Century - 1 Ami McCarthy CIS 101...

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