Input Devices for Physically Challenged Users

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Ami McCarthy CIS 101 F01 Frank Alvino January 3, 2010 Computer Input Devices for Physically Challenged Users The Americans with Disability Act was passed in July 26, 1990, with a framework of legislation written to balance reasonable accommodation of citizens’ needs with private or public entities, and is designed to eliminate discrimination, and open opportunities for disabled individuals. Prior to 1990, Americans who were disabled in a physical or mental capacity found themselves restricted in employment opportunities, due to the limitations most potential employers presented. These limitations not only included issues such as a lack of provision of handicapped access ramps and doorway or hallway width requirements for wheelchairs, but also lacked accommodation for challenges such as vision, hearing, or orthopedic mobility impairments. In recent years, many remarkable advances in computer input devices have been developed, and usually work together with specialized software and a connection to the standard USB or RS232 serial ports. Computer input devices, created to meet or exceed parameters set by the ADA, make it possible for individuals with minor to major disabilities to work in positions that, years ago, never would have been possible. Title I of the ADA act is about employment accommodations for physically or mentally challenged users; 1
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“employers must make reasonable accommodations to know physical or mental limitations of qualified persons unless employer would suffer undue hardship. ‘Reasonable accommodations’ is defined as: modifications or adjustments to the job application process, benefits and privileges of employment, and the work environment, or manner or circumstances under which the position is customarily performed” ( www.compuaccess.,com ). Most public and private employers find innovative ways to allow disabled individuals to work for them by providing these workers with a variety of computer input devices, depending on the scope of the work being performed. Just as individuals have unique needs, input devices generate distinctive results when brought into their job. Keyboards present a difficult challenge to disabled users, but variations have been
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Input Devices for Physically Challenged Users - 1 Ami...

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