Pop-Ups, Add-Ons, Scripts, and Controls; What Do They All Mean

Pop-Ups, Add-Ons, Scripts, and Controls; What Do They All Mean

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Ami McCarthy CIS 101 F01 Frank Alvino January 31, 2010 Pop-Ups, Add-Ons, Scripts, and Controls; What Do They All Mean? “The application’s digital software cannot be verified. Do you want to run this application?” “Do you want to install this software?” “Only install add-ons from authors whom you trust.” These are examples of typical pop-up security warnings many users may receive while trying to access some internet sites on the Web. These alert boxes appear when the Web page requires a specific script, ActiveX control, plug-in, or Applet, in order to proceed. Most of these programs enhance the experience of a website, enabling animation, links, pop-up windows, streaming video, or messaging that is attached to the websites. Whether the user should go ahead and install these types of applications depends on the type and version of browser being used, if the application is needed in order to make the browser or website operate properly, and whether the author of the application is from a trusted source. A plethora of information exists on the internet about the types of scripting, programming, add-ons, controls, and software needed to work with the user’s browser, and actually walks the reader through programming or installing. The purpose of this paper is not to reinvent the wheel by explaining how to program or how to download or install; instead, the purpose is to discuss what these 1
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controls, compilers or programs do, and why they are important to the average user of the internet. A control is a small program, also called an add-on, used by programmers of Web sites on the internet, which enhances the user’s browsing experience by enabling animation or assisting with installing security updates. A popular control program is ActiveX which was developed by Microsoft as “a component program object that can be reused by many application programs within a computer or many computers in a network” ( techtarget.com ). Computer users should not have to install an ActiveX control; however may encounter a warning message mentioning ActiveX in its message. ActiveX controls are used in the Microsoft environment, including the Internet Explorer
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Pop-Ups, Add-Ons, Scripts, and Controls; What Do They All Mean

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