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Maitra: Basic Composition 100R Guide to Building Body Paragraphs in Papers 2-5 Below is a list of the essential parts of a body paragraph. Make sure that each body paragraph you write has at least one complete sentence which does the job of each of the elements in the list below. Make sure, too, that you describe the connections between the idea in each sentence. Your paragraph isn’t just a list—it expresses and develops your idea, and you’re helping your reader to understand that idea and where you are taking it. So use connecting words and phrases both within and between your sentences in order to help your reader follow what you want to express. 1. Claim: What YOU are trying to show in the paragraph. 2. Introduction to the first quotation (with proper punctuation where needed such as a colon or a comma). This sentence should include: A brief introduction or ‘set-up’, where you highlight for your reader what you want them to look at in the quotation.
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